Trainer Bios

Trainers Poland Course 2015:

Gesine Wenzel moved from Germany to the US in 2007 and began training in Somatics. She is now part of the generative somatics teaching team in Oakland, California, USA. Deeply embedded in European social and environmental justice movements, she is guided by her broad experience in the struggle, in-depth training in the martial art of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychotherapy along with a deep commitment to ending oppression and exploitation and a lived longing for interdependence and liberation. She currently works as a somatic psychotherapist and coach in Oakland, supporting queer and trans folks and activists, and enjoys teaching self defense. Gesine co-founded Activist Trauma Support in the UK in 2004 and has since been lead by a vision of an inspiring paradigm shift to embodied activism, creating resilient powerful movements towards a world where all can live.

This work changed my life, and the impact of this approach on our political movements as well as our communities and our very selves is what I see as being a path that enables us to create the transformation we want to see.“ – Gesine Wenzel –

Nathanial Shara is is a social justice therapist and community educator who focuses on healing and transforming the impacts of trauma and oppression. Politicized through queer, feminist, anti-racist activism in queer and trans communities of color, Nathan has spent the last ten years working to end gender-based violence in a variety of roles and contexts. Since 2010, he has worked with the Northwest Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse, providing counseling to adult LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. He also co-founded The Capacity Project, an organization working to develop effective and sustainable community-based responses to intimate violence through transformative justice organizing and grassroots political education. Nathan has trained with generative somatics since 2008 and has been a lead teacher of the year-long Somatics & Trauma program since 2012. He believes that personal healing and social transformation are mutually dependent, and is passionate about building loving and accountable power for revolutionary social change.

Morgan Bassichis is a writer, performer, and somatic practitioner living in New York. Morgan has been training with generative somatics since 2009, and is a former staff member of Community United Against Violence in San Francisco, a queer and trans anti-violence organization rooted in racial and economic justice. Morgan‘s essays have appeared in the Radical History Review, The Revolution Starts at Home, and Captive Genders.