Trainer Bios


Trainers Cluj Course 2020:

Gesine Wenzel  has been training with generative somatics since 2008. Born and raised in Northern Germany she came to the US in 2007 in order to pursue a decade of study and practice, fueled by a deep commitment to social transformation.

Gesine is part of the generative somatics teaching team and has been shaped by diverse grassroots struggles in European social and environmental justice movements. She also holds the rank of black belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychotherapy.

For the last ten years she worked as a somatic psychotherapist and coach in Oakland, supporting queer and trans folks and activists. Recently she returned to Europe.  In 2004 Gesine had co-founded Activist Trauma Support in the UK and has since been led by a vision of a paradigm shift toward embodied activism – supporting individuals, collectives and movements toward greater connection, resilience, cooperation and power.

This work changed my life, and the impact of this approach on our political movements as well as our communities and our very selves can offer a path towards the transformation we want to see.“ – Gesine Wenzel –

Hilary Moore is a working class writer and anti racist political education trainer that lives in Berlin, Germany. She grew up in Eastern California and was politicized through direct action campaigns for climate justice in the United States. She is a former coordinator of the Catalyst Project, a collective supporting grassroots organization nationwide to build strong anti-racist practices, and has taught with generative somatics since 2014.  She co-authored Organizing Cools the Planet: Tools and Reflections to Navigate the Climate Crisis.

New book: Burning Earth, Changing Europe: How the Racist Right Exploits the Climate Crisis–And What We Can Do About It

Out Now “No Fascist USA!: The John Brown Anti-Klan Committee and Lessons for Today’s Movements,” with co-author James Tracy.

Three teaching assistants from Central Eastern Europe will be supporting the course.