Burdąg Course 2015 (Poland)

In Fall 2015 we held the first generative somatics training in Europe at a beautiful space in the countryside of Northern Poland. We are inspired by everyone who participated and are looking forward to more. Stay tuned via the mailing list you’ll find under contact.

Here the call out for the 2015 course:



in our bodies – on the streets
personal and social transformation
– a 5-day generative somatics training
for grassroots activists in Central Eastern Europe

Mon, 19.10. – Sat, 24.10. 2015
North of Warsaw, Poland

Application and full-time attendance required.
(Application deadline: July 15 – please apply early.)

In October 2015 we are offering a 5-day generative somatics training near Warsaw, Poland.

The training will be held in Poland, October 19-24, 2015, at the Burdąg Studio for Performing Arts, 120 km north of Warsaw.

This course is geared towards grassroots activists mainly from Central Eastern Europe. The group size is limited to around 25 people, accepted through application.

The course will be held in accessible International English. Sadly, we are unable to provide simultaneous translation. Space will be made for comprehension questions and people’s native languages.

In order to facilitate ongoing practice we aim to create pairs or clusters based on language and geographical proximity.

Who is this course for?

Everybody involved with grassroots struggles within Central Eastern Europe is welcome to apply. Applications from underrepresented groups within activist communities are especially invited. While we know that systems of privilege and oppression are always at work we will do our best to create a liberatory space and appreciate everyone’s help in doing so. We are aiming for a room with shifted majorities, where usually underrepresented groups form the bigger part of the group while people from majority backgrounds within activism feel equally welcome. We give priority according to the following factors:

  • Actively involved in social and environmental struggles
  • Part of underrepresented groups in activist communities / facing systemic oppression in society
  • Work / interest in the intersection of healing work and activism and interested to pursuing work in this area in the future


The course is led by Gesine Wenzel, Nathaniel Shara and Morgan Bassichis. All three have a long history of involvement in grassroots struggles and are part of the generative somatics teaching team in the US. Bios here.


We hold a strong commitment to making this training accessible to partipants regardless of their ability to pay. At the same time we need to cover the costs of the course. We are currently applying for additional funding, but will still need contributions from participants.

We are offering a sliding scale of 20-200 € in order to be as inclusive as as possible. Please pay as much as you honestly can. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need support for travel costs or if money stops you from coming.


Accommodation: Shared bedrooms.
Food: Vegan. Request for participants’ help with kitchen tasks.
If you have any special needs let us know.
This training is alcohol and drug free.
Unfortunately, the space is not wheelchair accessible.

What else you need to know:

This course is geared towards participant’s personal transformation and our collective capacity for healing and power. We request that people use the practice only for personal use and do not teach it unless they have been trained to pass it on.

Participants will not walk away with a tool box of new methods but with a set of practices and somatic experiences that transform and heal life over time. Participation in the course will impact people’s political activism by who they become and what they are able to bring to their work.


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