Cluj Course 2020 (Romania)


Applications are open.

Application Deadline on May 15.  You’ll find the application below.


Corona Update:

As COVID-19 has brought a variety of unknowns to all of our lives, at this writing we cannot be certain whether the GS Romania meeting will actually take place in October 2020 or not, and with what restrictions it might happen. How corona virus spreads and how governments around the globe react may affect applicants’ economic stability (we are committed to ensuring that limited finances should not stop you from attending), ability to travel across borders, and ability to meet in groups of our size (ca. 30 participants), etc.

To be clear, we also must acknowledge that when we do meet, we will certainly be in close proximity: sleeping in shared rooms, taking our meals together, working on tasks together, and using touch as a regular aspect of our daily practice together.  We would be as responsible as we can, avoid contributing to the pandemic in whatever way possible.

We also believe that for our mental and physical health, and for our movements which must be kept alive, staying separate is not always beneficial.  In meeting we would be deeply nourished by the collective experience GS training offers. Also, we believe that coming together to explore collective politicized healing is especially necessary in times of crisis and uncertainty. All this while being responsive to the current situation we will be in given the pandemic.

Therefore we will continue to plan assuming that the meeting will take place, even if we must reschedule for a later date. We encourage and invite you to send in your applications and hope that we can meet you in October or soon thereafter! We hope to know more about the situation by midsummer. Do let us know if you have any questions regarding the course or the application process. 



“in our bodies – on the streets”
personal and social transformation

– training grassroots activists in Central Eastern Europe and Caucasus

Sat, 24.10. – Fri, 30.10. 2020
Măguri-Răcătău, near Cluj-Napoca, Romania

course description – print version

Application and full-time attendance required.

Application deadline: May 15
You will hear back from us by June 15

APPLY HERE:   OpenOffice  or  Word


Participants of the 2015 and 2019 courses are welcome to apply. Often people find it useful to take courses multiple times to deepen their learning and transformation.


In October 2020 we are offering a 5-day generative somatics training near Cluj, Romania.

The training will be held in Romania, October 24-30, 2020, in Măguri-Răcătău, 45km South-West of Cluj-Napoca.

This course is geared towards grassroots activists from Central Eastern Europe and Caucasus. The group size is limited to around 25 people, accepted through application.

The course will be held in accessible International English. Sadly, we are unable to provide simultaneous translation. Space will be made for comprehension questions and people’s native languages.

Who is this course for?

Everybody involved with grassroots struggles within Central Eastern Europe and Caucasus is welcome to apply. Applications from underrepresented groups within activist communities are especially invited. While we know that systems of privilege and oppression are always at work we will do our best to create a liberatory space and appreciate everyone’s help in doing so. We are aiming for a room with shifted majorities, where usually underrepresented groups hold the majority while people from majority backgrounds within activism feel equally welcome. We give priority according to the following factors:

  • Actively involved in social and environmental struggles
  • Part of underrepresented groups within activist communities / facing systemic oppression in society
  • Work / interest in the intersection of healing work and activism and interested to pursuing work in this area in the future


The course is led by a team of trainers: Gesine Wenzel, Hilary Moore, and three teaching assistants. Gesine and Hilary have a long history of involvement in grassroots struggles and are part of the generative somatics teaching team in the US. Bios here. All teaching assistants have been involved in organizing and practicing generative somatics in Central Eastern Europe since 2014/2015.


We hold a strong commitment to making this training accessible to participants regardless of their ability to pay. At the same time we need to cover the costs of the course. We have some additional funding but need the course basics to get covered by participants.

We are offering a sliding scale of 50-500 € in order to be as inclusive as as possible. Please pay as much as you honestly can. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need support for travel costs or if money stops you from coming.


Accommodation: Shared bedrooms.
Food: Vegan. Request for participants’ help with kitchen tasks.
If you have any special needs let us know.
This training is alcohol and drug free.
Unfortunately, the space is not wheelchair accessible.

What else you need to know:

This course is geared towards participant’s personal transformation and our collective capacity for resilience, power and healing. We request that people use the practice only for personal use and do not teach it unless they have been trained to pass it on.

Participants will not walk away with a tool box of new methods but with a set of practices and somatic experiences that help transform and heal over time. Participation in the course will impact people’s political activism by who they become and what they are able to bring to their work.

APPLY HERE:   OpenOffice  or  Word