generative somatics – the methodology

How does generative somatics work?

The body-based approach is based on three main areas of work: Somatic Awareness, Somatic Practices and Somatic Opening. The work is located in a deep analysis of Social Context and a commitment to changing ourselves and the systems we live in towards dignity, justice and interdependence. It deepens understanding of the human psychobiology, the impact of trauma and the patterning of behavior. Collective practice allows for a different level of transformation than is often possible in individual work.

  • Somatic Awareness allows us to deeply get to know ourselves, to become familiar with our sensations, habitual reactions and emotions, and to practice living inside of our own skin.
  • Somatic Practices allow us to embody new behavior through repetition over time, to study our conditioned reactions and to practice moving within a collective body.
  • Somatic Opening connects to underlying trauma or contractions in a way that is safe, held and connected in order to open space for healing.
  • Social Context refers to the fact that we are not living in a bubble but are impacted by the conditions and forces around us.